Thursday, 21 February 2013

Unboxing the Soviets

This set is the Russian Rifle Company Army Deal from The Plastic Soldier Company:

It costs £68, which may seem a lot for a starting force, but it contains a lot of models.

Having worked out a rough list this set can easily bring you up to 1000 points in Flames of War, with a varied and expandable force.

Now I spend hours searching around for pictures of sprues before I purchase any models so that I know exactly what I'm getting.

Time for me to give back to the community I suppose;

WW2 Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform

One box of standard Infantry containing 5 identical sprues, each with 26 guys, for a total of 130 infantry in the box. I'll show exactly how each guy is armed in a later post.

They look rather good, but some of the models seem to be cloning:

To be quite honest the instructions in this box aren't quite up to scratch either


WW2 Russian Infantry Heavy Weapons

One box of these in the set with four identical sprues.

No command team I note, but there should be enough guys in the standard infantry

I also could have done with a second maksim on the sprue rather than the 50mm mortar

Much better on the instructions though

WW2 Russian 45mm anti tank gun

One box of these in the set, again with four identical sprues. One gun per sprue with options for 3 different versions of the gun.

Russian Zis2/3 anti tank and field gun

Two boxes of heavy artillery in the set, my inner gunner cries with joy!

four identical sprues per box for a total of 8 guns. Each sprue has barrels for both the ZIS-2 and ZIS-3, but as the gun shield attaches to the barrel you can't swap them over once built.

I'll be showing the German sprues later today, then assemble the Soviets sometime tomorrow


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