Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bolt Action Terrain (Part 1)

 This board is part of my commitment  to helping Poole Gaming Society get started up. Sadly the Insurance has not come through on time so we have been forced to push back the start day from the 7th of May all the way to Tuesday the 21st of May. On the plus side this gives me time to actually finish the boards.

You may notice that the quality of the photos has dropped. The camera I was using went to Cuba for two weeks (without me) and came back broken. My old camera serves, and may be slightly better than the one on my mobile, but it is difficult to tell.

So here is the initial phase, the hexes I had laser cut as a prototype for an eventual retail version; a modular hex wargaming board. On to this is glued a layer of foam board which was roughly drawn the initial layout

With scratch built hedges, some static grass and textured paint it is starting to take shape.

Currently 48" deep by 40" wide, this edge has been left 'ragged' so I can double the width of the board once I build more tiles.

 Each of the hedge lined road tiles have a gap on either side so they do not completely block movement.

The road should be big enough for a Bolt Action Tiger, but as I do not own one yet it is difficult to check. 

 Some of the hedges completely obscure infantry, while other hedges allow the heads to peek over the top. 

This building only needs a coat of paint and a roof. I plan to have the roof hinge open on the centre line with one side firmly glued down.
The other building only has a basement at the moment, additional levels will be added over the next few weeks.

One of the main purposes of my hex design was to get some three dimensionality into my gaming.

Rivers, trenches and basements are normally below ground level, not sitting atop the grass!

~ Bob

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