Monday, 2 December 2013

Hold Until Relieved Board 1

Bit of a photodump. I have been building up a fair amount or terrain over the course of Poole Gaming Society's Bolt action starter tournament. Up until now I have been building it as a contiguous 8'x4' board split into two or three sections dependant on the number of players and the points being used. For the finale tomorrow night I know the mission, the number of players and I know the points values: 2 games of hold until relived at 1000pts. So I have bent every effort to create two 4'x4' boards with a clear central objective for each. Admittedly 4'x4' is on the small size for 1000 points, but it still works

This first board is the simpler of the two. A nearly central cross road objective with a overlooking house, two more houses and two wooded area.

I am still in the process of painting up the buildings, in my initial painting I regrettably forgot to texture the walls. I will post the other board later tonight or tomorrow morning.


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