Sunday, 3 March 2013

Soviet Starting Forces (Painted!)

This is a rather basic force I put together from the late war Forces book. Just Infantry, nothing special that might create confusion whilst learning the basics.

Strelkovy Battalion 500pts


Strelkovy Battalion HQ

Left to Right: Company Command Rifle team, 2iC Command Rifle team, Battalion Komissar team
Strelkovy Company with two MG/Rifle Platoons and Komissar team

Strelkovy Company with one SMG Platoon

Strelkovy Machine-Gun Company with one Machine-Gun platoon

Total 495pts

I painted a few other models that didn't make it into the list:

Anti-Tank Gun Company with four ZIS-3

Anti-Tank Rifle Platoon 

There are also a couple of spare infantry teams for when this force expands. I have a lot of spare 'odds and sods' that will form some more command teams, but I will need another box of PSC's soviet infantry to make a true hoard.

~ Bob


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