Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Kurganova Sisters

I ordered these beauties last year before they even came out, I was that impressed by the sculpts. Raging Heroes has some very pretty models on their website, a limited range, but excellent none the less. I opted for the Limited edition full set (which I believe is still available), on the reasoning that I would want to get them all at some point anyway, and it arrived in a nice little box;

Now I was terrified of the models, scared that I could never do the models justice... And it seems I was not the only one as I have found less than a dozen images of painted models, and none look much good.

To start with I ruined them. I wanted halberds to fit with my 'Space Russian' theme; as a 17th century nerd/historian a Russian Soldier needs a Bardiche (Pole axe used as a musket rest), and the officers need fancier version of the same basic weapon type. The weapons actually included in the set are Sabres and Chainswords for the most part, and I have not shown the rather cool Teutonic wardog that comes with the Limited edition.

3D modelling is all well and good, a nice technique, but it is not the be-all-and-end-all of sculpting, like soem companies seem to think.

To start with there are issues with translation into physical form. Sure you can digitally sculpt a hello kitty badge two millimetres across (No its seriously on one of the models), you might even be able to cast it successfully for your master resin model...

But white metal cannot cope with that level of detail, nor can many painters water there paints to a level were it is not obscured instantly.

Showing your CAD sculpts on your website is not very helpful as it does show a customer what the model Really looks like, it also confuses people as to what material you are using (the website shows Resin levels of detail, in a resin grey colour).

Otherwise excellent models with only a little flash and mould line removal required.

The following is work in progress;

I figured that part of the reason other peoples models looked rather poor was because they all went for the 'Commissar in Black' look. It fits the design of the models, but black is a hard colour to get right. Models like these need colour to show off their curves.My commissars wear officers regimental uniform, similar to WW2 Soviets, but worn under a snowy white greatcoat with red lining

Admiral Olga Kurganova

Olga (Agnes to me) looks good from the front, but the scroll-work on the greatcoat just is not working.

Kaptain Ivanka Kurganova

Ivanka (Rebecca) is the one I am most happy with, the non-metallic metals work rather well, but not as well as I had hoped
In truth the Eagle looks rather rubbish in person and in good light, maybe I am just a really good cameraman?

Kommander Malinka Kurganova

Malinka (Michelle) has caused me the most trouble, the pose seems flat from many angles, the stuck out tongue is a nuisance to paint right, and the halberd keeps falling off. I have re-pinned her now, so next I'll have to tidy up the paintwork.


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