Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Big Update

Two months and quite a bit has been going on. I'll start by updating you with what is already done and available. All the items I have been casting that are already available to buy, I've sold quite a lot since the end of January so many out there will already be familiar with what I have produced so far. Let's start with the artillery:

Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider - French Medium Howitzer


Designed by the French Schneider arms manufacturer during the Great War, this gun was widely sold between the wars to many European Nations. After the fall of France the Germans used captured guns under the designation 10.5 cm K 331(f), with many being used to equip the Atlantic wall emplacements.


Cannone da 105/28 modello 1913 - Italian Medium Howitzer


An Italian licensed copy of the French Schneider 105mm, the Italians only altered the gun shield. During the Balkans Campaign the Greek captured many of these guns and turned them on thier former owners. After the Italian armistice the Germans used the remaining guns under the designation 10.5 cm K 338(i).



Canon de 155 C modèle 1917 Schneider - French Heavy Howitzer


Another gun designed by the French Schneider arms manufacturer toward the end of the Great War, and again this gun was widely sold across Europe during the Inter-War period. The original model was built for sale to the Russian Empire in the Russian 152mm calibre. At the time of WWII the modernised 'M1909/30' variant was still the most numerous 152 mm howitzer in the Soviet Army.

 Type 4 15cm Howitzer - Japanese Heavy Howitzer 


 Designed in 1915 and influenced by European artillery. This gun was scheduled for replacement in 1937, but remain in frontline service throughout WWII due to the slow production of the replacement Type 96.

Laffly S20TL - French Truck


The Laffly S20TL was part of a large family of 6x6 vehicles produced for the French Army. The wheel configuration, with it's six driving wheels and 4 small unditching wheels, makes the vehicle iconic. The S20TL model was designed to carry a ten man motorised infantry squad, the Dragoon Portee.

AMD Laffly 80am - French Armoured Car


The Laffly AMD 80 was one of many inter-war armoured cars. Only 28 were produced, but they continued in front-line service with French North-African forces until 1943. The primary armament was a turret mounted HMG with a rear turret MMG.

ACV-IP - British/Commonwealth Armoured Carrier


The Indian Pattern Carrier was produced by Tata Locomotive works as a substitute for the more complex Universal (Bren-gun) Carrier. It served much the same role, transporting a half section of troops or acting as a reconnaissance vehicle. It was used in North-Africa, Italy and Burma.

All these are available to purchase, find me on the WWPD forums or on Facebook (I'm the Bob Emmerson firing a cannon). Postage is £3 UK & EU, or £4 to the rest of the world.

The next post will be about the new stuff that will be coming out shortly.

~ Bob

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  1. two questions; 10 do you have any more of the Canon De 105 mle? I would very much be interested in purchasing one. 2) do you or more so are you making a 47mm ATG for the French army?