Sunday, 26 January 2014

Laffly S20TL Master

Second in the Box of masters was the Laffly S20TL French truck. A rather iconic vehicle because of its interesting wheel arrangement, the truck's six road wheels are supplemented with four smaller wheels that prevent grounding and ditching.

Lots of components for this one.

The main hull has integral seating head lamps and wheel arches to reduce the component count. I sometimes wish I had left the rear compartment seating separate to facilitate conversion to the varient that carried the 25mm antitank gun portee.

The chassis had to b printed separately to make it easier to cast. The axles are somewhat slender, and future projects will improve upon this design.

The assemble slots together rather well at this early stage.

I have printed two version of the windscreen. The uppermost is stronger and easier to cast in resin, the lower most would require white-metal casting, but looks a bit better.

The top driving wheel sprue is almost identical in design to the AMD 80 wheels, while the lower set are the tiny anti-grounding wheels.

The first half of the AMD 80AM moulds are in the pot, but the new rubber I am using takes a week to set.

~ Bob

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  1. hello, your work are absolutly amazing! i was looking for french guns and vehicules since years!!!

    where could i buy them ?

    best regards