Sunday, 12 January 2014

Laffly AMD 80 armoured car and S20TL Truck

A lot has been going on. The French howitzer I showed in September sold so well that the moulds broke, since I am still receiving requests for them I plan to do a new set of moulds. I have been learning to use CAD and 3D printing to improve the detail of my scratch modelling and among other items I have completely redone the French Howitzers in CAD.

The first piece of CAD I showed off back in October, a Laffly AMD 80AM armoured car. I have since had to rework the design as the tyre tread and rivet were far too detailed for the scale.

Following that I worked on a Laffly S20TL truck, so that my French could move about more efficiently. The Wheels in these pictures are copies of the over detailed ones on the original AMD80, I have since replaced them with the updated printer friendly versions seen above

These will be sent for printing this afternoon, and I shall put up another blog post in a few hours to show what has been happening with the Howitzers.

~ Bob

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  1. Hi Bob,
    I'm interested in purchasing the Laffy kit. Do you have a webstore?